Historical Background

Before the civil war in Somalia, all higher education in Somalia was concentrated in Mogadisho, the capital. During the civil all basic infrastructure of the country collapsed including medical, educational and other facilities. The civil society including educators has stood up to provide what the government used to do.

East Africa University, formerly Bender Qassim University institution, East Africa University was established in 1999 in Bosaso by a group of Somali.intelectuals. The university began offering courses in October of the year to around 500 students.

A formal foundation laying ceremony for the college’s original campus, situated about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the city centre, was held in March 2000. It was attended by Puntland government officials, businesses, and civil society groups, as well as many civilians. The first batch of students completed degree requirements in February 2005 and graduated several months later, in June. The university slowly grew until it has now seven campuses with over 5,500 student body.