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Our History

It is apparent that East Africa University (EAU), Puntland, Somalia cannot escape the political, social, cultural and economic impact of constant, rapidly changing global environment. The unending explosion of scientific knowledge and technological innovations is continuously stimulating such a change. Our very survival as individuals and organizations depend on how we face the challenges of global village and compete for space in the local and international market place that is based on knowledge and driven technologically. 

To become ahead in the information and communication technologies, it is becoming more and clearer that the challenges we face require us to think and act strategically. It forces us always shifting our emphasis to the critical issues facing our institution.

EAU was established in Bosaso in 1999 with one main campus, where by currently EAU has 7 campuses locating in (Bosaso Main campus, Garowe, Galkayo, Gardo, Galdogob, Buhodle, Erigavo),

and currently where the main campus is currently situated and runs 15 faculties that include:

The main campus occupies 49.5 hectares of land and 5km from the centre of Bosaso city.  The Galkaio branch campus comprises 46 hectares and lays 6km from city centre.

The university since its inception in 1999 has undergone tremendous transformation in terms of geographical coverage, courses offered and management structure.  These continuous innovations were intended to develop the university teaching and learning process in order to cope with international standards.

Currently, the university felt the strong desire to think strategically to become ahead in the competition as the leading academic centre for educational excellence in Puntland State.

The creation of current strategic vision, mission, and plan is designed to complement the State development plans and forged with community needs to respond to the current market demand.  This is based on critically analyzing university strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

Our Vision

“To be a leading center for educational excellence in teaching and research that enhances community awareness, promotes preservation of the environment and contributes to the national development”

Our Mission

“To offer quality education that satisfy the different needs of our society and participate in the establishment of the concept of good governance, peace building, reconciliation that contributes to the preservation of the environment and the development of the people and the State”.

Core Values & Ethics

  • Educational Excellence
  • Academic Freedom
  • Moral and Faith Integrity
  • Respect and Diversity
  • Access and Equity
  • Transparency

Special Campus Tour

Campus on a tour designed for prospective graduate and professional students. You will see how our university like, facilities, studenst and life in this university. Meet our graduate admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what it the best for you.

Competent students

Our goals are to increase the students’ academic ability and to analyze alternatives more thoroughly and ultimately to enable them to have a more productive career. These achievements come through a variety of activities that could prepare students for accepting challenging and responsible positions in our country. we are calling you to join your own first leading institution. Remember, always future is under construction.

Powerful Alumni

EAU is the institution that produces competent and highly skilled graduates that gain national and international recognition. This success is the result of the strong academic foundation based on new era technology.